Quickstarting a New Application

AXEMAS provides a Gearbox extension that will generate a new Axemas project. Gearbox is a skeleton generation tool for Python


Create a new virtual environment and install axemas with pip. This will include all needed dependencies like gearbox:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages axemas_builder
$ . axemas_builder/bin/activate
(axemas_builder)$ pip install axemas


Run the following command to generate a project called new_project inside the directory where you want to create the new project:

(axemas_builder)$ gearbox axemas-quickstart -n ProjectName -p com.company.example

Project structure

The resulting project structure will be as follows:

/                   root of the project
----/android        Axemas Android native Java code
----/axemas-js      Axemas library JavaScript code imported by www
----/ios            Axemas iOS native Objective-C code
----/www            common share html/css/js/resource files